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Hello CGA members, as in every place there are rules to make sure things go smoothly. CGA isn't making any complicated restricted rules, this is a small growing community that mainly to have fun and offer the best entertainments but under rules that should be followed by all.
Main Rules:

- Posting in a language other than English is not allowed.
- Spamming posts that includes necro and double posting, irrelevant/meaningless posting, off-topic posting etc are not allowed.
- Posting pornography, hate talk, advertising other sites without the admin permission, etc. All are not allowed.
- Having more than 1 account per user is not allowed, except for rare cases that the admin(s) allow.
- Defaming this website in anyway is not allowed. Including people in it and how things go in it.
- Using an offensive language toward other users and staff is not allowed.
- There's a warning system here that gives 5 chances, and then you'll get permanent banning from CGA.
Chat Rules:

All the main rules are applying to the chat as well along aside:-

- Using any language other than English and Indonesian is not allowed.
- Posting pornographic or Racist images or talk is not allowed.
- Posting pictures, using HTML and BB codes are not allowed.
- Spamming with all it's types is not allowed.
- Arguing about problems from outside CGA is not allowed.
- Bullying other members with any hate or unfriendly talk is not allowed.
Avatar & Signature Rules:

All the main rules are applying to the chat as well along aside:-
The sizes of avatars and signatures should be adjusted right. So:

- No Pornography, No Racist, No Religion  (Administrators have the right to change/remove them).
- Avatar size should be : 150x300. (Administrators have the right to change it if the size is not match)
- Signature maximum size should be : 500x200.
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CGA Forum Rules

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