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About CGA

CGA stands for Gard Games Area.
In CGA will have many famous card games like : yugioh, cardfight vanguard, futurecard buddyfight, weis schwarz, selector wixoss, and ZX ignition. But at the start, CGA will open the most famous of it first (same as CGA irl shop) : yugioh and cardfight vanguard, and the rest will be added later when CGA seen many demand for it.
CGA Shop Location:

CGA Shop location is in Indonesia, Kol Pol M Taher Street, No.53-54 Talang Banjar Jambi Timur.
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If you're in Jambi, you can visit CGA Shop, its open in every saturday and sunday. Wink
CGA Forum Goals and Visions:

Even CGA's location is in jambi indonesia, but CGA Forum is universal, we're welcome all players around the world.

CGA Forum Goals:
1. Creating a friendly site where all can enjoy their time.
2. Presenting the Famous Japanese Card Games to this site (not all, but most of them Very Happy).

CGA Forum Vision:
1. Become one of the best and biggest card games community site with the help of each member of CGA.
2. Be friends with the similiar communities.
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About CGA

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